Price Book Management

Price book management is critical for any convenience store owner or manager. Backroom Online makes managing your price book simple. We designed it to be easy to use and completely functional.  Manage one location or multiple locations and manage those locations from anywhere in the world where there is available internet access.


  1. Individual item price control – ensures that the margins you set are maintained and the pricing is consistent.
  2. Multi-store price level control – allows you to change pricing at multiple stores all at one time.
  3. Timed price changes – lets you set pricing changes for the future. This is extremely helpful when coming off of an item or category special.
  4. Mass price changes – permits changing of prices based upon percentages or margins. Also assists you in changing pricing based upon dollar amount by department, group, or vendor. You can make large amounts of changes with minimal effort.
  5. Shelf tag and bar code label printing – includes the ability to print shelf tags with the item name, retail price, vendor & UPC.
  6. Mix & match combo promotions – easily lets you set promotional pricing such as: Gatorade priced at $1.89 each, or any two Gatorade flavors priced at $2.89.
  7. Multiple pack pricing – allows you to keep accurate inventory counts while enabling multiple quantity pricing.
  8. Promotional allowance (buy downs) – maintains discounts provided by manufacturers or vendors and organizes accurate costs and margins.


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