On Site Installation

Scanning Solutions provides several options for the installation and setup for Backroom Online.  Our most popular and thorough installation procedure is to send a trained technician on site.  The technician will custom build your price book by scanning one of every item on the shelf and enter in the retail price labeled, give the product a descriptor from our national database, and assign it to a department.  In addition, our technician will verify the connection to your POS system, set up the PDC on your WiFi and train you on the use of Backroom Online.

We also offer a remote setup option for those who are more technically inclined and would like to scan their store themselves.  We will walk you through every step of the way over the telephone.

For those customers who are already scanning, we have the ability to pull the price book from your register and convert it to our format.  We can even convert it to Excel so you can delete all the out of date items and we will then install a fresh, clean price book!


Please contact us if you would like more information.