Inventory Management

With fuel margins at such minimal levels, inventory management is the key to success within the convenience store (c-store) industry. Maintaining a proper inventory will help you avoid items being out of stock as well as having too much stock.  Backroom Online helps you keep the proper amount of inventory in stock.


Multiple item linking allows you to link several different bar codes, such as a pack of Marlboro 100’s and a carton of Marlboro 100’s. Or a 12 oz. bottle of Budweiser, a six pack of 12 oz. bottles of Budweiser and a twenty four 12 oz. bottle case of Budweiser. This valuable feature allows you to maintain the correct inventory while offering multi item pricing.

Electronic data interface (EDI) is available for all major grocery vendors. This allows you to import deliveries directly into our software without having to scan each item. This feature saves you time and reduces unnecessary errors.

Backroom Online interfaces with a portable data collector. This android handheld device is a powerful and versatile data collection tool. It allows you to accept deliveries, add new items, change prices and even do a physical count of your inventory. Your manager never has to leave the floor as the device connects via WiFi.

Backroom Online can interface with third party inventory companies so you don’t have to count your store yourself.  Simply export the file from our software and send it to your inventory company.  Import the inventory count file they provide and you’re done!




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